Mar 8 2011

#359 – I love animals…

BisonThey’re delicious.

(This is a little companion piece for last week’s other tasty meal.)

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Feb 25 2011

#348 – Kebab factory

LambI didn’t know what to draw this evening, so my helpful wife made a suggestion:  why not do something related to our delicious dinner?

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Feb 23 2011

#346 – Bloodbath (of sorts)

SiegfriedOkay, so back to classwork, and the final installment of the Siegfried story.  After Part 1 and Part 2, the dragon is dead.  Then, as the story goes, the hero bathes in the dragon’s blood to make himself invincible.  That seemed a little much for me, so I went with a somewhat more reserved face-painting.

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Jan 17 2011

#309 – The Humbling

The HumblingThere’s nothing to make you feel like a sad, sorry old man than the experience of pulling a muscle in your back while straining to open a particularly tight jar.

Not that such a thing happened to me today.  Purely theoretical.

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Jan 16 2011

#308 – Scott’s Monkey Trial

Monkey 1

Monkey 2

Monkey 3

I recently watched an interesting presentation about creativity.  Within it is a creative exercise that challenges you to: a) imagine a picture of a bear; b) think of a different bear; c) dig deeper and attempt to conjure a third visual of a bear.  It gets increasingly difficult, but also requires creative thinking.

Anyway, I was thinking about that when I drew these.  I took the idea pretty literally and tried to come up with three different ways of drawing something.  In this case, I substituted the bear with a monkey (something that I’ve long been terrible at drawing from imagination).  It was an interesting challenge.  Later I noticed that my monkeys got progressively happier and more active.  I guess that’s a good sign?

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Jan 13 2011

#305 – Face time

Face time
After the helmet question from yesterday’s sketch, I figured some actual faces were in order.  So I just drew a few different versions, inspired by various photos.

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Jan 12 2011

#304 – Robot Rock

Daft PunkWhen sketch time came around today, I was listening to Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack.  The choice was clear.

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P.S.  I’ve just realized that quite a few of these 365 sketches feature helmets of various kinds (full list here).  Could it be because helmets are awesome?

Jan 10 2011

#302 – Duck hunting equipment

Auburn helmetAfter watching the BCS title game tonight, I drew this as a tribute to Auburn’s win over Oregon.  I’d considered drawing something based on the mascots — something more needlessly visceral, like a tiger actually devouring a duck — but this was just a lot quicker and easier.

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Jan 8 2011

#300 – Injection-molded cannon fodder

StormtrooperDid this one as a counterpart to last week’s “Back in Black” sketch.  Just a little tribute to everyone’s favorite bumbling footsoldiers.

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Jan 7 2011

#299 – Taking my ball and going home

MoneybagWell, after the last few days of back-and-forth, I’ve decided to hang onto this for now.

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