Mar 8 2011

#359 – I love animals…

BisonThey’re delicious.

(This is a little companion piece for last week’s other tasty meal.)

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Feb 25 2011

#348 – Kebab factory

LambI didn’t know what to draw this evening, so my helpful wife made a suggestion:  why not do something related to our delicious dinner?

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Feb 18 2011

#341 – Black tie affair

Black tie affairAh, a welcome break from classwork.  After doing dozens of storyboards and other pencil sketches this week, I wanted to do something different.  So here’s a little cut paper version of my sister and brother-in-law on their wedding day.  Done with black construction paper and an X-Acto knife.

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Jan 12 2011

#304 – Robot Rock

Daft PunkWhen sketch time came around today, I was listening to Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack.  The choice was clear.

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P.S.  I’ve just realized that quite a few of these 365 sketches feature helmets of various kinds (full list here).  Could it be because helmets are awesome?

Jan 2 2011

#294 – Back in Black

Darth Vader

Returning to the black paper stock for today’s sinister sketch.

Today was my last day of a nice 11-day break from work.  So did I go out and do something adventurous?  Of course not.  I got together with a couple of friends and watched a back-to-back-to-back triple feature of Star Wars Episodes 4, 5 & 6.  A good time.  So here’s little tribute to the role so big it required three actors.  And a stunt double.  And later, apparently a little kid.  And a petulant-sounding twentysomething.  But let’s try not to think about those last two.

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P.S. This sketch is based on a common photo found online — one for which I can’t find any copyright info.

Dec 22 2010

#283 – And the Darwin Award goes to…

Darwin AwardsI had to clear out a blocked downspout to keep up with all the rain we’ve been getting.  Today’s sketch celebrates my in-hindsight-super-idiotic decision to go up on the roof  in a thunderstorm carrying a 10-foot metal pole.  Thankfully, the worst case scenario depicted here didn’t actually play out.  I live to sketch another day!

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Dec 20 2010

#281 – Life changing

UltrasoundSince my wife has officially made the announcement now, I can sketch freely about what’s been on my mind.  And mostly, it’s been this.  (In fact, the last five sketches have been about this new development in one way or another.)

This is drawn from another image (of course), but still I think the process of sketching this has made the whole thing more real than anything else.  More than seeing the ultrasound.  More than hearing the heartbeat.  More than telling family and friends.  As I pulled a simple charcoal curve to outline the head, it truly clicked.

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Dec 15 2010

#276 – Heartbeat!

HeartbeatWanted to do a simple graphic element today.  Seemed a good fit for the white charcoal as well.  Plus, who doesn’t love Don Johnson?  Oh, right — most people.

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Dec 11 2010

#272 – Places to be

Places to beSwitching it up today with a white charcoal drawing.  This was inspired by a scene in The Day of the Jackal, which I was watching earlier this evening.

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