Feb 28 2011

#351 – A dream reborn!

Could it be?At last, our long national nightmare is over!  It has been over two months of acute mental anguish following the crushing news of December 13th.  But now a glorious new dawn breaks!  Sing sweetly, oh songbirds of love (and multinational brand posturing)!

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Feb 27 2011

#350 – Keep on truckin’

Keep on truckin'Pretty great Sunday morning — Kelly and I went for a walk to get some breakfast, then just kinda kept walking.  By the time we got home, six hours had gone by.  Not bad for a pregnant woman!

(Also, I sure hope this visual reference makes sense to people, because if it doesn’t, this must look like a mighty weird drawing!)

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Feb 20 2011

#343 – What gives?

Charlie confusedWell, the weekend can’t last forever.  Back to the storyboard assignments.  This is another excerpt from the crime story from Sketches 337, 338 and 339.  (Early in the story, the family man runs into the drunk in the bar, and the latter starts to walk away in the middle of the conversation.)

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Feb 16 2011

#339 – A quick check

Charlie drivingStill working on the storyboard for class.  After yesterday’s sketch, we skip ahead in the story, conveniently glossing over the contents of the motel room.

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Feb 13 2011

#336 – A sickening realization

A sickening realizationIt finally happened.  With only a month to go in the Sketch 365 project, I just plain forgot one.  This is the sketch for February 13, but it was actually done on the 14th, after I woke up and immediately realized that I’d missed my sketch from the day before.  I thought for a second about just doing an extra sketch and pretending it was from the 13th, but for some reason I couldn’t do it.  So I went ahead with this creepy big-eyed representation of my early morning pseudo-horror.  Actually, I’m kind of surprised this didn’t happen sooner (since I had almost forgotten so many times).  I’m definitely bummed that I turned this one in late, but at least it’s still going to be Sketch 365.

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Jan 28 2011

#320 – Run away! Run away!

Run away!Well, after a very stressful week of inspections and discussions with the city permit office, I uncovered some very helpful information today about our escrow property.  Information that convinces me to run in the opposite direction, before an earthquake knocks that sketchily propped-up house off its cracked and half-sunken foundation.  Turns out there’s a pretty significant reason for those level discrepancies I mentioned earlier.

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Jan 26 2011

#318 – Ups & downs

Roller coasterThis house-buying stuff is stressful.  I’ve been investigating the property, talking to people, getting an inspection today, etc.  From minute to minute the outlook seems to be constantly changing…  “Oh, that’s a good sign.”  “Oh, that sounds scary.”  “Oh, but that’s good news.”  “Oh, but that could be a big problem.” etc., etc. ad infinitum.

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Jan 17 2011

#309 – The Humbling

The HumblingThere’s nothing to make you feel like a sad, sorry old man than the experience of pulling a muscle in your back while straining to open a particularly tight jar.

Not that such a thing happened to me today.  Purely theoretical.

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Jan 6 2011

#298 – The contest continues…


The corporate sellers of this house have countered again.  I’m running out of visual metaphors here.

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P.S. Yes, that’s a hint of pregnancy belly showing on my wife.

Jan 5 2011

#297 – Ball’s in your court


The sellers have countered, and now we return the volley.

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