#346 – Bloodbath (of sorts)

SiegfriedOkay, so back to classwork, and the final installment of the Siegfried story.  After Part 1 and Part 2, the dragon is dead.  Then, as the story goes, the hero bathes in the dragon’s blood to make himself invincible.  That seemed a little much for me, so I went with a somewhat more reserved face-painting.

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  • howvastthesum Says:

    OK, this is kicking at an image in my brain, but it’s not dislodging it completely. I am wondering if anybody else has the same feeling. A Wolverton illustration? A mutual acquaintance? A celebrity?

    Regardless, the intenseness in the facial expression is very authentic to the situation. Nice job.

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    Thanks — of course I don’t know what that image is, but any comparison (fitting or not) to Basil Wolverton is enthusiastically accepted! Maybe I should flip through my copies of his work and see if I can identify it.

    Then again, as you mention, it could be a known face of some kind. In fact some of this character was influenced by images of Sean Bean, Ray Winstone, and some self-portraits I took as reference. So somewhere in the middle of all that is Siegfried.

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