#333 – Trouble brewing

Siegfried & the dragonAnother unusual assignment from storyboarding class.  We were required to illustrate a specific scene from Richard Wagner’s Nibelungen saga.  Here, Siegfried sets out from his castle on a journey that will, before long, put him at odds with a dragon.  It’s an unusual topic for me, and probably chosen by the instructor because the story would likely be unfamiliar to us.  It’s certainly foreign to me — both the story, and the whole notion of doing fantasy art.  Not the kind of thing I would ever draw of my own choosing, but still an interesting assignment.  I’ll probably be working on a refinement of this scene, so critique is encouraged.

[Comments and critique always welcome]

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  • beno Says:

    Also dont know the movie… not sure it matters… What we are looking at is a drawing (ie, photo) and as such it should tell us a story, we should not need much back fill for it to make sense.
    So, what we have here is a guy/person, with a sword strapped to their back, walking down a wide clear road, into a forest, with a dragon with a glint in his eye…. Cool story bro, as my son would say……
    Just not a lot of feel to the image. I spent some time looking at the high res version and could not put my finger what I would do to add some fear and dread to it all…. Sorry… (My best bet is to narrow the road to a path (no wide well worn road is going to lead to a dragon) and ease up on the light at the end of the tunnel look).

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    Thanks — you’re definitely right about the pathway. It needs to be closed up more, and overall less manicured in this forest. More overgrown stuff, maybe as other foreground elements that would just dirty up the frame a bit so you’re not just looking through a wide, clean window into the scene. Thanks again!

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