Jan 19 2011

#311 – Folk’s wagon

VW bus

Don’t remember where the idea to draw this came from.  Must have been subconsciously planning for the year ahead, and the possible purchase of a stylish and super-safe family car.  Yeah.  That must have been it.

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Dec 30 2010

#291 – Crosstour? Crossed out.


We went to test drive a Honda Accord Crosstour today.  That V6 sure is nice, with 100+ more horses than I’m used to.  And the sweeping (albeit polarizing) body styling and larger wheels are good too — but unfortunately they combine to sabotage the rear storage compartment (which is pretty disappointing for a car of that size).  And there, folks, is my first printed car review, clocking in at a powerfully informative three sentences.  Take that, Edmunds.com!  I shall soon be crowned king of online automotive advice!

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Dec 19 2010

#280 – A good day

Awesome activitiesPretty much spent the whole day doing back-to-back stupid/awesome activities with friends.  The annual horror/delight of the “scrambled eggsnog” breakfast, an early matinee of TRON, some more LEGO assembly, filling my face with delicious tacos, and finally a collective screening of a bad B-movie.  It’s a pity days like this can’t last forever.

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Dec 12 2010

#273 – Vitruvian LEGO Man

Vitruvian LEGO manYou know it’s a good day when you can spend a large chunk of it playing with LEGO.  I definitely find that the more you play with LEGO, the greater respect you have for the amazing design behind it.  Maybe that’s what inspired this goofy little sketch.

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Oct 24 2010

#224 – Hanging on to summer

BarbecueWe’re getting dangerously close to that little period of the year where Southern California gets a bit of rain and cooler weather.  Better make hay while the sun shines.  Or at least BBQ chicken.

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Oct 7 2010

#207 – Better Letter 1

OptometristWent in for an eye test today.  Can you tell yet that we’re done with the European travels and back to mundane life?  Anyway, it was off to the optometrist.  I always enjoy donning the evil, all-seeing robot mask.  And no, I don’t find that the sense of ultimate power it grants is in any way compromised by the fact that I need help using it every single time…

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Sep 9 2010

#179 – Master blaster

TrumpetToday, I drew a forward-looking trumpet.  You know, just because.

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P.S. Yes, horn enthusiasts, I realize these valves aren’t exactly accurate.  Hold your letters, please.

Aug 19 2010

#158 – The low end

BassKinda surprised it took this long for this to show up in a sketch.  It’s a bargain basement cheapie, but it does the job.  Maybe if I played it more though, I could “outgrow” it and upgrade.  Okay, so nobody tell my wife about this little scheme…

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Aug 1 2010

#140 – The art library

4 GBThis is how all of Sketch 365 (and then some) fits on my keychain.  Hello, the future!  Now make with the hoverboard.

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Jun 17 2010

#95 – Red(acted) Rover, Red(acted) Rover

RoverWhoops.  Based on some illustrations I have in a document at work, I drew this simplified sketch of a future Mars rover concept for the next decade.  Then I realized: I’m not sure whether that document has been publicly released yet. There’s about a billion to one chance that it’s a problem, but since a quick Google search didn’t turn up any images of this thing, I figured mine probably shouldn’t be the first one out there…

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