#158 – The low end

BassKinda surprised it took this long for this to show up in a sketch.  It’s a bargain basement cheapie, but it does the job.  Maybe if I played it more though, I could “outgrow” it and upgrade.  Okay, so nobody tell my wife about this little scheme…

[Comments and critique always welcome]

2 Responses to “#158 – The low end”

  • beno Says:

    Scott, I really like the nice clean lines on this one. Well done. Your purging process is coming along nicely.

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    Cheers, Ben! I’m really enjoying it. It’s also really interesting to just learn how to make marks with these various media. This is kind of a different approach than a lot of the other marker drawings I’ve done, but I like how it turned out too. Thanks again.

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