May 16 2010

#63 – It slices! It dices! Well, it slices anyway.

Bread knifeFinished a long day of work without much energy left for drawing, so I just grabbed a bread knife for a simple sketch.  I definitely overdid it on the serrations though; this thing looks like it could cut bone.

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May 4 2010

#50 – The bridge chair is yours, Number 3.

Bridge chair

At my grandmother’s in Sydney, I was admiring this fantastically comfortable wooden chair (which I’m told is designed for playing bridge).  The seat back pivots on two dowels, and is 100% awesome and super-comfortable.  I was told I could eventually have it, but in the interest of not stuffing furniture in the overhead compartment, I figured I’d do some orthographic sketches so maybe I can build one some day.

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POST-SCRIPT FROM THE NETHER-REACHES OF TIME AND SPACE:  Keen readers will note no sketch for May 3rd due to an overnight date line crossing.  Fear not, sketch fans, for I will experience May 7th — and sketch it — not once, not thrice, but twice!

Apr 14 2010

#31 – Firestorm III: Final Judgment

Drill compositeOkay, seriously — last time with the drill.  This is the final assignment for the class I’m in.  Two orthographic sketches, plus one perspective sketch that’s then painted in Photoshop.

Oh, and hey, Hollywood — get to work on the “Firestorm” action trilogy.  I’ve delivered the titles, now just get one of your typewriter monkeys to churn out a script or two.

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Apr 2 2010

#19 – Shapes and shadows

Various shapes pencil shadingNothing fancy — just more simple practice stuff.  The idea here is to define a bunch of different forms using shadow rather than a perspective view.  Some are a little off, but I think for the most part, the shapes come through.  I’ll look for something more interesting tomorrow.

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Mar 24 2010

#10 – …in Their Flying Machines

Orthographic biplaneThis is the other half of an assignment I was working on — the orthographic views of the same plane from Sketch #8.  I think this one better captures the funny kind of stubbiness of this little plane.  Once again, it’s primarily based off this painting.

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Mar 18 2010

#4 – Velocipede


My first attempt at orthographic drawing.

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