Mar 7 2011

#358 – Marketing 101

Marketing 101An early concept sketch for a children’s book illustration.  (And a reminder of the importance of writing good advertising copy.)

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Feb 22 2011

#345 – Rock hound

MSRI wish I had more time at the moment for personal sketches, but such is life.  This is a little thing for work — I’m doing a motion graphics piece about Mars Sample Return, a proposed robotic mission that would bring back rock samples to Earth for the first time.  These are a few of the simple elements that will become part of that video.  (Actually, it’s a very simplified version of the redacted Sketch #95 from last summer.)

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Jan 24 2011

#316 – Not quite level

Not quite levelDay 1 of escrow on what could be our first house!  One thing though: some of the floors are a bit slanty.  This will require further investigation.

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Oct 5 2010

#205 – Cult member’s carrying card

iPhone 4Got my iPhone 4 today.  High readings on the geek excitement meter.

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Aug 5 2010

#144 – Brand loyalty

Canon PowerShot SD870Another soulless product illustration!  Sorry, I wasn’t feeling particularly creative tonight, so we’re left with another “nearest object” sketch.  But it’s all good practice.  Plus, even though it’s a dinky pocket-cam, it’s still a Canon.  So perhaps Ben and Sean can forgive my earlier indiscretion.

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Aug 1 2010

#140 – The art library

4 GBThis is how all of Sketch 365 (and then some) fits on my keychain.  Hello, the future!  Now make with the hoverboard.

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Jun 19 2010

#97 – All in

Poker chipA quick memento sketch from another great weekend activity.  Thanks to the legendary Mr. McKown for his hospitality!

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Jun 15 2010

#93 – Modular Mars-scape

Mars outpost - version 1Taking the concept drawings from yesterday to the next level.  There are still many things I would want to do differently, but the idea starts to come together.  This would benefit from a lot more details throughout. I did have enough time to add a few details to the rovers (shown below), but overall there is a lot more time that would need to be invested in this idea.

Mars outpost - version 1 (detail)[Comments and critique always welcome]

Jun 14 2010

#92 – Outpost ingredients

Outpost ingredientsA second attempt at some exploratory sketches for a future settlement on Mars.  I stepped it back a bit and took inspiration from desert bunkers, remote stations and the like.  I’m trying to think a little more realistically about what kind of stuff would really be taken to Mars.  But to avoid everything looking totally utilitarian, I modified the greenhouse dome a bit, drawing on inspiration from the design of London’s city hall (file under: Inevitable Dash of Pretension).

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Jun 13 2010

#91 – Red Dead Repulsion

Ugly Mars buildingsYuck — don’t like this at all.  I got a digital illustration class assignment to create some sort of isometric world.  Thought I’d do something with a city settlement on Mars.  So I created these buildings, kind of inspired by a couple of reference photos, but they just both ended up looking like hideous, drab, public museum architecture of the late 1970s.  In fact, I realized one of them looks very similar to this previous sketch of the El Paso Science Musuem.   Quick Google search: that museum opened in…wait for it…1980.

Suffice it to say there is some re-imagining to be done.

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