Jan 4 2011

#296 – Balancing act


We’ve submitted an offer on a house, and now comes the counter offer.  We’ll see how this works out.

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Jan 3 2011

#295 – Back to the salt mines

Back to the salt minesAfter 11 days away from work, that January 3rd alarm clock comes pretty painfully early.

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Dec 24 2010

#285 – Achievement Unlocked!

Falling an oakCut down a tree for the first time today.  Gotta admit, that was pretty cool.  We’re up in the mountains for a woodcutting fundraiser held by the parents of a good friend.  The big woodcut is on Sunday, but today we needed to harvest another couple of their trees in order to have enough to work with.  It does make me think though: probably “plant a tree” should be the next achievement unlocked.

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Dec 22 2010

#283 – And the Darwin Award goes to…

Darwin AwardsI had to clear out a blocked downspout to keep up with all the rain we’ve been getting.  Today’s sketch celebrates my in-hindsight-super-idiotic decision to go up on the roof  in a thunderstorm carrying a 10-foot metal pole.  Thankfully, the worst case scenario depicted here didn’t actually play out.  I live to sketch another day!

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Dec 13 2010

#274 – The Dream Has Ended

Sea of TearsThey met on the set of High School Musical!  It was supposed to the fantasy romance for the ages!  Oh, cruel world!

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Dec 3 2010

#264 – Asleep at the pencil

Asleep at the pencilDid I mention that I need to go to bed earlier?  This is about how I felt while doing tonight’s super-quick sketch before bed.

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Dec 2 2010

#263 – Suburban sprawl

Suburban sprawlThis was me after getting home from work today.  I woke up a while later, and did this quick sketch while I still had a sliver of energy.  I need to start going to bed earlier.

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Nov 25 2010

#256 – Engorgement imminent

Engorgement imminentPortrait of the artist as a young man ready for some delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

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Nov 7 2010

#238 – More bounce to the ounce


In the autumn a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of bouncing around like a giddy 6-year-old.  And so was spent a portion of my afternoon.  (With summer gone, today my cousin set up the trampoline in his backyard, in the spot where the inflatable pool had sat all summer.  And there was much rejoicing.  Including some by his kids.)

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Nov 1 2010

#232 – Road-almost-kill

ScreechAs I was heading in to work today, I rounded a corner and suddenly met a yappy little dog making a bee-line for my front wheel.  It’s lucky it wasn’t a cat, or I might not have been motivated to be quite so responsive with the brakes.  (Kidding!  Sort of!)

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