Oct 19 2010

#219 – Das Boot


Yes, I realize it’s pronounced “boat.”  But these are size 13, so that’s not far off.  Plus, I was using them to keep up above the water on this rainy day.

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Oct 16 2010

#216 – The Lonely Pie

thelonelypieA little homage to my good pal “@thelonelypie,” who was our guest this evening.  Always a pleasure, sir.

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Aug 24 2010

#163 – The Reel Thing

Sony BVH2000Today at work, I spent a few minutes in the TV studio making some HD dubs.  Not far from those machines is this almost-forgotten beast from back before I was born. (Sorry, Jon Hicks, if you’re reading this!)

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Aug 22 2010

#161 – This should come as no surprise…

LEGO box…but this is what stores my LEGO.  Growing up, we had a couple of tackle boxes like these packed with bricks.  My brother hung onto those, so I finally got around to buying a couple myself for the LEGO I have.  And yes, I know it’s a little reminiscent of “Gene, The Anal Retentive Carpenter” — but hey, it beats shoving it all in a giant trashbag (ahem, childhood Kelly).

What’s that?  You don’t remember that classic Phil Hartman bit?  Well, here for a limited time is one of the related sketches. Enjoy.

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Aug 18 2010

#157 – LEQO is not a word

LeqoFound this little guy in a bag of old LEGO that my wife brought into the family.  He interfaces with LEGO, but he doesn’t look like quite at home.  I’m thinking he’s a cunning imposter.  Probably something like “LEQO” brand.  Kinda like those running shoes I once saw at an Israeli street market — they had all the hottest brands, including Nyke, Adibas and Reobok.

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Aug 15 2010

#154 – Hey honey, I got “you” another present!

Flour sifterFifty days ago, I launched an ingenious plan to encourage increased local baked goods production.  I’m pleased to report that it’s been immensely successful.  So today, I enacted phase two: Operation Transcendently Fluffy Sifted Ingredients.  Yes, I’m working on a less cumbersome name.

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Aug 14 2010

#153 – Ho Hum


Not much to say about this one — it’s  your pretty basic, garden-variety sketch.  It’s a little bit…you might say…wait for it…old…hat.


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Aug 13 2010

#152 – The Relaxiest Catch

SailboatAh, yachting — a pastime that combines three of my very favorite things: pretension, motion sickness and Sperry Topsiders.

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Aug 11 2010

#150 – Cheap at half the price!

Pink pearl♫ “Who will buy this useless eraser?” ♪
♪ “Such a dis-appointment, you see!” ♫
♫ “Who will buy this useless eraser?” ♪
♪ “And get this thing away from me!” ♫

Seriously.  These things are terrible.

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Jul 28 2010

#136 – Let me hear you say…

Bananas“This sketch! is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”

(This reference! is archaic! And-to-an-atrocious-song!)

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