Dec 16 2010

#277 – Ahoy-hoy?

Telephone machineMade several phone calls to friends today.  One of them suggested this as today’s subject.

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Aug 21 2010

#160 – Finger Ling-Ling Good!

PandasStopped by the always-reliable Panda Inn tonight with a bunch of friends.  We went easy on the endangered mammals, and stuck with lighter fare.  Next time though, we’re stopping here.

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Aug 20 2010

#159 – Pageant of the Trans-Mundane

Contour friendsFirst blind drawing on Sketch 365!  I remembered this exercise from art class way back in grade school — the blind contour drawing, done without looking at the page.  Of course, it’s usually done with one continuous line, rather than picking up the pencil and resetting.  Doing it that way can help things stay in a bit better arrangement and proportion.  Still, I had a good laugh at these when I finished.

So, since I imagine you may not have already guessed, left to right is Mr. Bolivia, Ms. Punchingbag and Mrs. Sketch 365.

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Jun 26 2010

#104 – Anniversary “gift”

KitchenAid mixerJust bought my wife of these great mixers.  Of course, this “gift” is a lot like when Homer buys Marge a bowling ball with “Homer” inscribed on it.  But if you’ve enjoyed her excellent baked goods, you’ll know why I’d want to encourage their regular production.

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Apr 29 2010

#46 – “The moon belongs to America…”

Astronauts“…and anxiously awaits the arrival of our astro-men!”  (Name that quote.)

Actually, this is just another little thing I’m working on for JPL. I was just trying to get the positioning figured out for a little web graphic.  This wasn’t designed as a sketch for this project, but I’m busy, so it’ll do!

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