Dec 29 2010

#290 – Urban roost


Another day, another failure to think of anything to sketch.  Once again, I’m rescued by Flickr’s random and ever-changing art exhibition: “Interesting photos from the last 7 days.”  This is a simplified pen sketch inspired by this photo from Flickr user Peter French.

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Nov 30 2010

#261 – “You’d do it for Randolph Caldecott!”

Randolph Caldecott

Just recently bought a very cool compendium Randolph Caldecott’s picture books.  It’s full of amazing illustrations, one of which I have shabbily counterfeited here.

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Oct 2 2010

#202 – Sketch am Rhein

SchaffhausenA beautiful day with wife and family, largely spent overlooking the Rhine and eating amazing food.  And, of course, sketching.

I could do this every day.  In fact, it’s my wife’s new business model.  We move somewhere scenic like this, and I sell little sketches for €10 a piece.  Of course, this would require two key things:

a) the ability to draw fast enough to turn a profit; and
b) a continual supply of easily impressed tourists.

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Sep 28 2010

#198 – Where Eagles Dare

ZugspitzeWent to the top of the highest mountain in Germany today.  While descending on a rickety old cable car, of course I couldn’t help but think of Richard Burton’s epic ride.  Thankfully mine didn’t include gruesome ice-axe injuries, or explosions and general death.  Thanks for not trying to kill me, fellow riders!

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Sep 25 2010

#195 – The Incomparable Tony


Had an evening of live music from Austrian multi-instrumentalist and extended-family-friend Tony.  I scribbled this out while sitting next to “Mrs. Tony” and enjoying the show.  She seemed to get a kick out of it.

Here, Tony uses the universal language of song to tell of his experiences “working for the man every night and day.”

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Sep 18 2010

#188 – Schloss Neuschwanstein

Schloss NeuschwansteinMy wife and I have a friend who loves castles — particularly Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.  Today, we had reason to give her a card, but we didn’t have many on hand.  Then I struck upon the idea of sketching this on a piece of paper and folding it into a card.  Thankfully it was a hit!

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Sep 17 2010

#187 – Venetian window dressing

VenetianMy wife and her friend were in Venice last year and snapped this photo of a friendly older guy just watching people go by.  It’s a cool photo, so I’d thought I try a little version of it.

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Sep 5 2010

#175 – Family on the floor

Tom & StephAnother wedding weekend — this time featuring my wife’s cousin.  Here, the bride and groom share the dance floor with family members young and old.  Another very simple sketch, but still a nice memento.  Congratulations, Tom & Steph!

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Sep 4 2010

#174 – Life in a single strand

Continuous line plantTried something new this evening: drawing with a single, continuous pen line.  Interesting effect — and I think it kinda works here (but mainly because the subject is a pretty forgiving organic shape).

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Aug 29 2010

#168 – Everybody cut, everybody cut…

FootlooseTonight I learned that it’s no easy feat to draw people who are in the middle of dancing.  You pretty much have to freeze a pose in your mind and quickly scribble it out before it disappears.  That kind of explains why these look like they do.  Still though, it’s nice to have another memento sketch — this time of a lovely bride and some of her well-wishers.  Congrats, Pete and Jen!

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