Feb 22 2011

#345 – Rock hound

MSRI wish I had more time at the moment for personal sketches, but such is life.  This is a little thing for work — I’m doing a motion graphics piece about Mars Sample Return, a proposed robotic mission that would bring back rock samples to Earth for the first time.  These are a few of the simple elements that will become part of that video.  (Actually, it’s a very simplified version of the redacted Sketch #95 from last summer.)

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Feb 21 2011

#344 – Hope you enjoy your stay!

Charlie pushed into roomYet another frame from this storyboard assignment.  Sorry, but there are about 50 of these I have to do this week, and I haven’t had much time for other sketches.  Anyway, in the story flow, this one shortly follows Sketch #338.  Our drunk thug suddenly shoves the main character into the darkened motel room, where he promptly trips over the bullet-riddled body of the retired cop.  Nice people doing nice things.

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Feb 20 2011

#343 – What gives?

Charlie confusedWell, the weekend can’t last forever.  Back to the storyboard assignments.  This is another excerpt from the crime story from Sketches 337, 338 and 339.  (Early in the story, the family man runs into the drunk in the bar, and the latter starts to walk away in the middle of the conversation.)

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Feb 19 2011

#342 – Power up!

PowerupLate tonight I felt like staying up and playing some old 80’s video games — but I still needed a sketch for the day.  First things first.

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Feb 18 2011

#341 – Black tie affair

Black tie affairAh, a welcome break from classwork.  After doing dozens of storyboards and other pencil sketches this week, I wanted to do something different.  So here’s a little cut paper version of my sister and brother-in-law on their wedding day.  Done with black construction paper and an X-Acto knife.

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Feb 17 2011

#340 – Stabby, stabby!

Stabby, stabby!More work for class.  Leaving aside the crime story, we return to the (admittedly no less bloody) story of Siegfried and the dragon.  That whole assignment requires three illustrations, for before, during and after the main action of the dragon-slaying.  So while Sketch #333 was a concept for the “before” phase, this is one quick thumbnail for the “during” part.  Again, fantasy illustration and gut-slashing are not really particular strengths or interests of mine — but an assignment is an assignment.

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Feb 16 2011

#339 – A quick check

Charlie drivingStill working on the storyboard for class.  After yesterday’s sketch, we skip ahead in the story, conveniently glossing over the contents of the motel room.

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Feb 15 2011

#338 – Don’t go in there!

Charlie opens the doorOne of many storyboard frames from the screenplay I mentioned yesterday.  Here, Charlie opens the door to a cheap motel room.  I sure hope there’s no grisly discovery inside…

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Feb 14 2011

#337 – Characters welcome

Intrusion charactersJust a couple of quick character ideas for a class project.  We’re storyboarding a section of a screenplay that calls for the following: Bill, the retired cop and (spoiler alert!) dead body; Charlie, the thirtysomething family man; and Daryl, the heavyset local drunk/thug-for-hire.  It’s sure to be an upbeat, family-friendly romp.

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Feb 13 2011

#336 – A sickening realization

A sickening realizationIt finally happened.  With only a month to go in the Sketch 365 project, I just plain forgot one.  This is the sketch for February 13, but it was actually done on the 14th, after I woke up and immediately realized that I’d missed my sketch from the day before.  I thought for a second about just doing an extra sketch and pretending it was from the 13th, but for some reason I couldn’t do it.  So I went ahead with this creepy big-eyed representation of my early morning pseudo-horror.  Actually, I’m kind of surprised this didn’t happen sooner (since I had almost forgotten so many times).  I’m definitely bummed that I turned this one in late, but at least it’s still going to be Sketch 365.

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