#365 – Looking back; looking ahead

Looking back; looking ahead
Well, here we are at last: Sketch #365.  For the final sketch, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to my wife, whose support and encouragement from day one has been instrumental to this project.  This particular sketch is based on my absolute favorite photo of her, taken when she was about  six or so.


It’s also fitting, I think, as a look ahead.  Several people have asked me what I plan to do now the 365 project is complete.  Well, as we covered in these two sketches, the months ahead will feature a pretty significant change, with the arrival of our first child.  So that’s going to be a major focus.  I’m getting more and more excited about having this new little girl in my life.  And I hope she looks and acts just like the one in this picture.


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12 Responses to “#365 – Looking back; looking ahead”

  • Jessica Says:

    Aw aw. Very sweet words. HUGE congratulations! And what are your idol-nemeses saying now? Of course I thought you were already drawing amazing things at the beginning, but they continued to get even amazing-er. ha. Well done.

  • Duane Abler Says:

    I concur with Jessica, well done indeed. You are an inspiration to many, and we’re all looking forward to journeying along side you and your bride as this soon-to-be precious little package forever changes your life. Every Dad that is fortunate enough to have his own “Little Princess” is a man made better through the experience. You’ll be no exception. Congrats to you both.

  • Stacey Says:

    Wow Scott…a lovely end to your yearlong sketching. I’m so happy for you and Kelly!

  • Natalie Says:

    How FITTING in EVERY way to end your last sketch, Scott. Congratulations on your dedication and success in providing us with beautiful sketches 365 times/year and for the soon to be blessing of having your (& Kelly’s) little bundle of joy soon – what an exciting year it’s been for you and will be ahead for the 3 of you! 🙂

  • Amy Says:

    Ah, Scott, she can’t help but be like her lovely mommy. But don’t forget to sketch Kelly Pregnant, while she’s asleep, so she won’t know. My husband did a few sketches of me when I was asleep, none awake. Did I sleep a lot?
    Hugs, Amy

  • Aubree Says:

    Scott – I am both inspired and saddened by the end of your project. I’ll miss your daily sketches.

    Know that you have inspired countless individuals to delve into the “creative” side of their being, including me.

    Thanks for the year of growth.

  • Ben Says:

    Scott, Congratulations for completing a sketch a year! A huge effort, the likes of which very few know. There is no doubt in my mind that you achieved your goals, purging the bad and improving the good. Back up the blog, live long and prosper.

  • Brenda Says:

    Well done Scott, you inspire me…I have not done any drawing or painting for a year now;but then it sometimes goes like that, that’s life!
    Enjoy your soon to come “princess”!!

  • Gina Says:

    I have no (verbal) response to that. But the emotional response is tremendous.

  • Vicki Says:

    Congratulations, Scott! Everything I could say has already been said, but I must echo Gina’s comment about the emotional response.

  • The Lonely Pie Says:

    Fantastic. Bravo. Well done friend. I’m all for doodling.

    I’m definitely going to miss reading your blog and seeing your sketches on a daily basis. I hope that sometime down the road you blog again.

    Not only have you shown your skills in sketch, but your dedication to develop a habit of sketching every day, even when I’m sure you wanted to do other things or just go to bed. Very proud my friend.

  • Bruce Says:

    Congratulations, Scott! Well done. Your persistence and dedication are admirable. I should follow your example, but a baby-step version. Maybe a Sketch 30. Consistency is a good thing. All the best to you, Kelly, and your baby girl.

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