#353 – Accidental plagiarism?

Girl eyesI started to write, “No real story behind this one — just a little drawing of half a girl’s face.”  But then I remembered: I don’t recall what I was looking at, but somewhere online today I saw a photo of a cigar box design with a girl’s head framed like this.  I promptly forgot it, but then I guess started doing something similar when it came time for today’s sketch.  (For the sketch, I used two different reference images, one for eyes, one for hair.)

So then, after having remembered the cigar box origin, could I go back and find a version of that art I saw in passing?  Turns out yes — a Google image search brings up the logo in question.  Actually, on seeing it, I’m kind of surprised at how similar a lot of the aspects of my drawing are.  The fine line between inspiration and accidental plagiarism?

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