Dec 11 2010

#272 – Places to be

Places to beSwitching it up today with a white charcoal drawing.  This was inspired by a scene in The Day of the Jackal, which I was watching earlier this evening.

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Dec 10 2010

#271 – Blind man’s bluff

Blind man's bluffMy wife’s half-joking idea for today’s sketch: “Draw your glasses without having them on.”  “Piece of cake,” said the foolish husband.  Behold the price of hubris.  I done forgot: I cain’t see real good.

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Dec 9 2010

#270 – Hipster Cinderella

Hipster cinderellaIf you have to do it, you might as well do it in style.  Inspired by a great photo from Lindsay Anderson & Jennifer Glen.

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Dec 8 2010

#269 – At home in the Alps

Alpine explorerI didn’t feel satisfied with yesterday’s sketch — and if any subject deserves a repeat visit, it’s this kind and insightful man.  This simplified charcoal sketch is based on a photo of him on one of his many Alpine hikes.  I will long remember the times we got to spend with him there.

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Dec 7 2010

#268 – Teach your (grand)children well

Bruder und Opa

Got sad news today of the loss of a fine man and great example to many.

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Dec 6 2010

#267 – Old Giza

Old GizaI was reading something this evening about Egypt, and the location was somehow stuck in my mind when it came time for today’s drawing.

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Dec 5 2010

#266 – Damage

Split treeJust finished watching what is probably the most powerfully affecting documentary (maybe even film of any kind) that I’ve ever seen: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.  A traumatic film, not for the faint of heart.  I don’t even really know what more to say about it — just feeling very emotionally drained.  Not knowing what to draw this evening, I made this quick sketch based on the well done movie poster by Evan B. Harris (more of  his work here).

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Dec 4 2010

#265 – Tommy

TommyThis was done in honor of the USC/UCLA game I spent forever trying (and failing) to find on TV tonight.  Should’ve snatched up my cousin’s extra ticket when I had the chance.  Oh well.  At least we won!

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Dec 3 2010

#264 – Asleep at the pencil

Asleep at the pencilDid I mention that I need to go to bed earlier?  This is about how I felt while doing tonight’s super-quick sketch before bed.

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Dec 2 2010

#263 – Suburban sprawl

Suburban sprawlThis was me after getting home from work today.  I woke up a while later, and did this quick sketch while I still had a sliver of energy.  I need to start going to bed earlier.

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