Dec 21 2010

#282 – Do Tread on Me

Tire treadTook my car in for new tires.  After yesterday’s sketch, could this one possibly be more boring?  I think not.

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Dec 20 2010

#281 – Life changing

UltrasoundSince my wife has officially made the announcement now, I can sketch freely about what’s been on my mind.  And mostly, it’s been this.  (In fact, the last five sketches have been about this new development in one way or another.)

This is drawn from another image (of course), but still I think the process of sketching this has made the whole thing more real than anything else.  More than seeing the ultrasound.  More than hearing the heartbeat.  More than telling family and friends.  As I pulled a simple charcoal curve to outline the head, it truly clicked.

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Dec 19 2010

#280 – A good day

Awesome activitiesPretty much spent the whole day doing back-to-back stupid/awesome activities with friends.  The annual horror/delight of the “scrambled eggsnog” breakfast, an early matinee of TRON, some more LEGO assembly, filling my face with delicious tacos, and finally a collective screening of a bad B-movie.  It’s a pity days like this can’t last forever.

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Dec 18 2010

#279 – A job well done

HandshakeShook hands with a long-time family friend today.  For one reason or another, that moment stuck in my brain and became this inspiration for today’s sketch.

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(Sketch is based on this reference photo).

Dec 17 2010

#278 – Comfort, food

StovetopTonight, my wife felt like making a great meal that she hasn’t made for a while.  Mmmmm….meatloaf.  But since I’ve already sketched meatloaf itself, I figured I’d go with some of the tools of the trade for today’s drawing.

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Dec 16 2010

#277 – Ahoy-hoy?

Telephone machineMade several phone calls to friends today.  One of them suggested this as today’s subject.

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Dec 15 2010

#276 – Heartbeat!

HeartbeatWanted to do a simple graphic element today.  Seemed a good fit for the white charcoal as well.  Plus, who doesn’t love Don Johnson?  Oh, right — most people.

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Dec 14 2010

#275 – Quadradoodle

Random doodlesI have no explanation for these.  I just kind of sat down and started doodling.  How a gaunt weirdo, a tree, a crow and a jack-in-the-box fit together I have no idea.

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Dec 13 2010

#274 – The Dream Has Ended

Sea of TearsThey met on the set of High School Musical!  It was supposed to the fantasy romance for the ages!  Oh, cruel world!

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Dec 12 2010

#273 – Vitruvian LEGO Man

Vitruvian LEGO manYou know it’s a good day when you can spend a large chunk of it playing with LEGO.  I definitely find that the more you play with LEGO, the greater respect you have for the amazing design behind it.  Maybe that’s what inspired this goofy little sketch.

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