#285 – Achievement Unlocked!

Falling an oakCut down a tree for the first time today.  Gotta admit, that was pretty cool.  We’re up in the mountains for a woodcutting fundraiser held by the parents of a good friend.  The big woodcut is on Sunday, but today we needed to harvest another couple of their trees in order to have enough to work with.  It does make me think though: probably “plant a tree” should be the next achievement unlocked.

[Comments and critique always welcome]

3 Responses to “#285 – Achievement Unlocked!”

  • kalen Says:

    Just recently found your blog and enjoying it already 🙂 I’d give anything to be able to have talent in drawing. Love your commitment. Happy New Year!

  • beno Says:

    I like this one. Has a good feel to it, the trees in the background add to the sense of being in the bush.
    Having finished my 365 yesterday, I just wana say, keep going. Its well worth it.

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    Thanks guys — much appreciated. And congrats Ben! I’ve really enjoyed watching your project unfold. Thanks for helping inspire me!

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