#271 – Blind man’s bluff

Blind man's bluffMy wife’s half-joking idea for today’s sketch: “Draw your glasses without having them on.”  “Piece of cake,” said the foolish husband.  Behold the price of hubris.  I done forgot: I cain’t see real good.

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2 Responses to “#271 – Blind man’s bluff”

  • beno Says:

    It totally freaks me out how you made them look out of focus!!!! Fantastic! (That said, you really need to have the story for the sketch to make (more) sense).

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    Still not sure why she came up with that suggestion, but lacking any other ideas, I went with it. And yeah, I guess the out-of-focus drawing was just the natural byproduct of not being able to clearly see either the paper or the subject…

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