#237 – Hit parade

Hit parade (top half)I didn’t know what to draw tonight, but with iTunes running in the background, I struck on an idea.  I arranged all my songs by duration, and started playing all the one-minute tracks back to back.  Then I drew something associated with each track while it played.  An interesting exercise for several reasons:

  • I was required to not only draw in 60 seconds, but also to listen to the song, pick an aspect of it, conceptualize an image for it, execute the drawing, and finally caption it.  Lots to think about.  Some drawings didn’t get finished (“the merry peasant,” for example).
  • There was no time to go back and start again once the drawing had begun.  Even if it was going really badly (e.g. “serpent”) I just had to keep pressing forward.
  • It forced me to pull stuff from my brain, rather than look up a reference image (which I probably would have done for several things like the lute and violin).

Trying to keep that pace was actually a lot of fun.  Before I knew it, I had spent the better part of an hour at it.  Click through to see all 45 mini-sketches representing songs ranging from 1:00 to 1:07.  Images are based on things like artist, song title, featured instrument, associated lyric, etc.

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