#196 – Grudge match

Wisent vs. wildschweinWent to the Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck today.  They keep just indigenous animals there, and have them in a series of enclosures spread over the side of a mountain.  When we got to the European bison area, we saw that they actually share it with a group of boars.  I assumed the zookeepers set it up this way because the two animals get along well.  Or so they did for a couple minutes after we got there.  Then one of the boars started growling at a (much larger) bison, who in turn ended up stalking the boar, then chasing it, then running it over a six-foot-high drop, where it took a header into the dirt before hurriedly scrambling to its feet, squealing and running off.  The bison kept at it for a while after that too.  All in all, well worth the price of admission.  So when it came time to sketch this evening, this is what came out.

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