#192 – Bambi: The Later Years

Deer skullThis thing hangs in the lobby of the hotel we’re at this week.  Not sure why it’s a skull instead of a full head.  I guess the global economic downturn has done a number on their taxidermy budget.

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  • JW Says:

    Skulls are less expensive than full mounts. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also has to do with a psychological fact: full mounts look like the hunter for certain killed the animal, and people tend to anthropomorphize those “sad doe eyes” (well, buck in this case); skulls can be found from already dead animals. Skulls still have to be cleaned and bleached though…many processors use flesh-eating beetles. YUCK!

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3rhQc666Sg 🙂

    Thanks, Janice. Should have known I could count on you for the real knowledge on this one!

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