#168 – Everybody cut, everybody cut…

FootlooseTonight I learned that it’s no easy feat to draw people who are in the middle of dancing.  You pretty much have to freeze a pose in your mind and quickly scribble it out before it disappears.  That kind of explains why these look like they do.  Still though, it’s nice to have another memento sketch — this time of a lovely bride and some of her well-wishers.  Congrats, Pete and Jen!

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4 Responses to “#168 – Everybody cut, everybody cut…”

  • Steve Orchard Says:

    That fellow on the far right is me. Admittedly, it was hard for me to see the situation objectively. But I’m pretty sure my dance move was WAY cooler than that. It was more of an “Usher” to your “Shrek”.

  • Alexandria Goodwin Says:


    This picture has enraptured me. Saw it on FB and thought is was amusing. Left Fb to do some household chores and the photo kept haunting me. It chased me throughout this morning and then I fell totally in love with it. Imagined it framed and hanging in my music room. If you should decide to title it and sell it, think of me, however, I think this would be a fantastic (I almost hate to say this in case you haven’t already thought of it) gift to Peter and Jen for their wedding.

  • allison andrews Says:

    scott, this is awesome! i’m honored to be featured in such a creative piece. i didn’t even notice you sketching! we were having a LOT of fun dancing, and it comes through in the sketch. love it!

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    Thanks very much, ladies — this was a simple and fun one to do. And although there’s always something I see that I want to change, I do like how this captures some of the fun and spontaneity Allison refers to.

    Oh, and sorry, Steve, but this is 100% photographically accurate.

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