#46 – “The moon belongs to America…”

Astronauts“…and anxiously awaits the arrival of our astro-men!”  (Name that quote.)

Actually, this is just another little thing I’m working on for JPL. I was just trying to get the positioning figured out for a little web graphic.  This wasn’t designed as a sketch for this project, but I’m busy, so it’ll do!

[Comments and critique always welcome]

2 Responses to “#46 – “The moon belongs to America…””

  • beno Says:

    Really like this one. There is a lot of emotion in the drawing. I also like how you only just managed to ovoid the whole Lego look, which would have just cheapened it.

  • Scott Hulme Says:

    Thanks, Ben — that’s an interesting comment. I suppose I wasn’t consciously trying for a certain emotion, but I knew what poses I was looking for. So yeah, it kinda comes through, certainly on the left two. Not sure so much about the one on the right. He/she seems a little ostracized and not very excited to be there. Probably some changes to torso proportions and shoulder angle would correct that. Interesting to think how much difference little things like that make.

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